Many people send e-Newsletters by simply sending an email to all their clients using their normal email program. Whilst this may get the email successfully sent out it has several potentially damaging side-effects. For example if one of the recipients reports the email as spam that can result in your own emails being blocked by spam firewalls in future. Also it is difficult to manually manage the unsubscriptions of people from your mailing list. Additionally the only method you had to see if someone has actually bothered to read the email is the use of a "read-receipt" which the recipient can turn-off, so this is very unreliable.

If you are currently sending e-Newsletters out via your email program please contact us today as there is a much better way to do things, which includes:

  • protecting your own email domain so you won't get blocked by spam firewalls.
  • giving recipients the ability to unsubscribe, or possible recommend a friend, without you having to manually do anything.
  • helps ensure you adhere to the Anti Spam laws.
  • lets you test your email in multiple email clients, before sendind to your full list to ensure everyone is going to see it as you intended.
  • helps you manage and sub-divide your mailing lists so that you can send properly targetted emails to different audience groups.

This type of approach also works using a template so that once you've got things looking right you can ensure brand consistency every time you mail out.

If you'd like to find out more about e-Newsletters and a less stressful way to go about producing and mananging them, please contact us today.