Marketing Strategy

In order to get new customers, or indeed more sales from your existing customers, it is well-worth having a marketing strategy. A marketing strategy should ideally support your business strategy and help your business to achieve its goals.

A good place to start is to concentrate on 1 or 2 key business goals and then devise a marketing strategy around achieving those goals. For example a business goal could simply be "increase sales" this could be supported by a marketing strategy whose goal is to "increase number of customers".

The marketing strategy itself should:

  • be simply written and easy to follow by all those involved with its implementation.
  • consider both the online and offline elements of the strategy.
  • ensure that it supports the business goal it is designed to support.
  • explain the target audience(s) and how they will be addressed.
  • cover the different types of marketing being undertaken and ensure they all complement each other.

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