Content Management Systems

Most of our customers can easily update their own websites whenever they want to, without having to get in touch with us.

This is because the majority of the websites we build are built on top of a "content management system". You may already have heard that it is easier for non-technical people to keep content (text, images, videos, blog posts, etc.) up to date in these sorts of websites. In the right hands these systems can also be tuned to provide benefits such as:

  • getting placed much higher up the page of Google search results
  • automatically sharing new website content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • sophisticated user-management allowing multiple-levels of secure access to content
  • easy to add new functionality through add-ons/modules
  • mistake-reversal, easy to roll-back to previous versions of pages
  • full-control editing of complex sites all done through a web browser
  • context/location/user sensitive content display