How much difference does the domain make?

Having a good, easy to remember domain, that people don't have to write-down to remember can get you business. We changed our company name to "webiness" and our domain to "" for several reasons, but this was certainly high up the list.

We regularly deal with new customers who have nearly impossible to remember domain names and different email address domains, for example (made-up to protect the innocent):

Visit our website: ""
Or email: ""

Wouldn't it be much easier to remember?:

Visit our website: ""
Or email:

What is the difference between .com | | .uk | .org and does it matter what we use?

The answer is a lot and yes it does matter. People often forget the extension (correctly referred to as the "top-level domain"), so if you can get the main ones when registering a domain it worth doing (just so a potential customer doesn't end up at one of your competitors websites). So if you're a UK plumbing company thinking of registering "MyNamePlumbing" we would recommend you register:

Domain Extensions explained:

.com - originally intended for use by commercial/for-profit business entities, although is now used by many others, simply because it is one of the oldest and most well-known. - intended for use by UK businesses.

.uk - intended to help shorten domain names of UK businesses, can only be bought if you already own the same domain

.org - originially intended for use by non-profit organisations and still primarily used by them.

There are a lot of other top level domains and if you're interested in more information please visit