Good-Value Hosting from webiness

We offer hosting suitable for our clients needs. All our hosting is on Virtual Dedicated Servers, based in the UK, that are only used by our customers. We only host business websites for small to medium businesses and we definitely don't host any sites which would be blocked by firewalls, in other words no sites containing offensive, adult, or illegal material.

Cheaper hosting is available elsewhere, but beware it may not be the bargain you hoped for. We regularly assess new customer existing hosting and they are quite often surprised to learn their website in on a server with over 1000 other websites, some of which contain material that is blocked by some firewalls, meaning some of their customers/potential customers can't actually access their site. Additionally a lot of the cheaper hosting is much more susceptible to being hacked, the last thing you need on your site!

Why does having servers "based in the UK" matter? A couple of reasons:

  1. Google gives higher rankings to sites physically located in the same country as the person who is search on Google.
  2. Being physically in the same country means that generally the sites are faster to load/access.