Whether you're thinking about a new business, need to change some content in your website, or would really like your website to be doing a lot more for your business, we're here to help.

We cover all aspects of websites, from the moment you start your business, right through to when you're ready to sell it.

We work with you, our customers, to get a good understanding of your business, how you sell, who you sell to, where you provide your products and services. We ask questions and listen to your answers to make sure we know what you would ideally like your web presence to achieve for your business.

Websites for Smartphones and Tablets

Did you know more people are now accessing websites on their smartphones and tablets than on desktops and laptops? We can work with you to get a website that works well on smartphones, tablets, PCs and latops.

Website Design

Your online image should reflect the values of your company, appeal to your audience and make them want to deal with you. We'll help you ensure that you have a website design that ebraces and enhances your company branding and helps more and more people gravitate towards you and away from your competitors. Would you like a new professional website design?

Web Development

What's the difference between website design and web development? Well website design is mainly about how your web pages look and enhance your company branding. Web development on the other hand is about using web-based technologies to simplify, or automate, business processes, for example a newsletter sign-up form, a request for a brochure/more information, an online purchase, a content publication workflow sign-off process, or embedding content from your social media within your website.


With many years of experience, since the web first came into our daily lives, we understand the web mistakes that many businesses make, most of which are easily avoided and we help make sure you don't repeat any of them.

We have come up with a little phrase that we find handy and we freely share with our customers. If you want to get the most out of your website you need to follow the FiLiTA! philosophy, that is to say, as far as your website is concerned, you want your customers to:

  1. Find it
  2. Like it
  3. Take Action!

If you spend your time, money and effort equally across all 3 activities you will have a successful web presence that adds a real, tangible benefit to your business. Get in touch today and we'll be happy to help get you started.