Start-Up Packages

When you are starting up a new business there are normally lots of demands on your time and even more on the very little money you have available. Many people we deal with are also starting up a new business whilst still in a full-time job, making things evening more demanding.

We are here to help.

We are happy to share our experience and expertise to help you avoid making the same mistakes many others have made before you (ourselves included). In the past you could have pretty much ignored having a website, being on social media, being able to produce interesting content and got away with it. Nowadays how and where you choose to spend your initial small bits of marketing time and budget can literally decide the fate of your business.

The important areas to spend your time and money on vary slightly from business to business, which social media sites you need to be using can vary considerably and the impression you make on your potential customers will vary massively depending on how many of these things you get right.

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